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Regarding War: Share Your Stories

POV is proud to announce the launch of a new conversation and story sharing site produced in association with The Way We Get By entitled Regarding War.

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Regarding War is a gathering place for personal stories and a platform for sharing perspectives about war, current and past. We encourage viewers to visit and share their points of view on a variety of topics, including what it's like for veterans to readjust to civilian life, and more. In addition to provocative discussion, we'll also be presenting a number of films regarding war from the POV archive, including The Way We Get By. We hope that you will join the conversation after perusing The Way We Get By site.

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Returning from war is one of the hardest adjustments a veteran must make, second only to combat ... It is my hope that through PBS's Point of View (POV), a number of us can express our experiences to share the ups and downs, the good and the bad so that we may all benefit from one another...”

— Luis Carlos Montalván, Iraq Veteran, Journalist
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