Activity: Create Troop Greeting Posters

Greeting American Soldiers at DFW Airport, Dallas, TX Greeting American soldiers at DFW Airport, Dallas, TX; Credit: David Kozlowski, Dallas Photo Works (via:

Here's your chance to be a virtual troop greeter! If you and your family don't have time to visit an airport and greet returning soldiers in person, you can still show your support for the troops by joining us in this poster-making activity. We will print out our favorites, add them to a photo gallery on this website and hang them in the Maine Troop Greeters headquarters at the Bangor Airport.


How to participate:

1. Create a "Welcome Home" poster.

  • You can get inspired by some of the posters below and create your own from scratch.

Former Welcome Home

Former "Posters of the Week" from

  • Print out poster templates and give them to the kids to color.
Gallery of Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages created by
Download all 10 coloring pages. (PDF)

  • Or, order a banner from (They are giving away 20,000 banners during the month of November to honor the troops. Banners are free, but you have to pay for the shipping.)

2. Photograph your family and friends with your poster(s).

3. Upload your photo to POV's Welcome Home Heroes photo group on and add the tag #wegetby, direct message @povdocs with a Twitpic, or email it as an attachment to feedback[at] You can also upload them to The Way We Get By filmmakers' Returning Home project website.