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Michael Camerini
Michael CameriniMichael Camerini shoots, directs and produces award-winning films and documentary series, moving across geographical and subject areas as diverse as women's rights and social change in India (Dadi's Family, 1974; Kamala And Raji, 1990), the life and art of the Mexican painter Diego Rivera (The Frescoes Of Diego Rivera, 1987); and the struggle to balance religious and cultural identity with mainstream values in the United States (Born Again, 1988; Becoming The Buddha In L.A., 1993).

His approach is notable for a camera technique that is fluid and non-intrusive, and a style of looking that allows people to tell their own stories, whatever the cultural context. As senior producer for Local Heroes Global Change (1990), Camerini produced a four-hour documentary series in ten countries on four continents.</p>

Since 1993, he and Shari Robertson have completed These Girls Are Missing, Tashilham and Well-Founded Fear through their independent production company in New York.

Shari Robertson
Shari Robertson Trained in anthropology and ethnographic film, Shari Robertson began her career in the Southern Highlands rainforest of Papua New Guinea with the tribal Bosavi people, observing the effects of rapid culture change on a small-scale society. Since then, her award-winning films have followed young Khmer Rouge guerrillas across Cambodian minefields (Inside The Khmer Rouge, 1990), captured Indian archaeologists fighting to restore the wondrous ancient temple of Angkor Wat (Temple Under Siege, 1988) and explored the tragic and comic crossroads of domestic politics and the American drug war in Peru (We Ain't Winnin', 1992).

Her documentary work has appeared on Channel 4 London, the BBC, FR3, WDR, TVE, National Geographic's Explorer, PBS, and Ovation. In 1994 she began a two-year film project with Michael Camerini on culture, gender roles and the education of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa (These Girls Are Missing, 1996), then completed a film on New York artist Irving Kriesberg's 32-part dyptych (Tashilham, 1997) before launching field research for Well-Founded Fear.

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