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When I Walk #wheniwalk

Premiere Date: June 23, 2014

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Film Related Websites

When I Walk: The film’s website offers additional information about the film and filmmakers, as well as ways to get involved.

POV's When I Walk companion site offers a broad range of exclusive online content to enhance the PBS broadcast. Watch the full film online for free for a limited time following the broadcast, watch an extended interview with filmmaker-subject Jason DaSilva and see what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling, download a discussion guide and other viewing resources, and find out how you can "make the world a more accessible place" with AXS Map.

Multiple Sclerosis

  • The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
    The AAPD is the largest disability rights organization in the United States. The website offers resources and support for a range of issues, including education, employment, health and benefits and transportation.

  • AXS Lab
    The site that Jason and Alice created has a blog, ways to get involved and instructions for accessing and contributing to the AXS Map.

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society
    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society site includes general information about MS and related resources.

  • PubMed Health
    This National Institutes of Health site aggregates research studies on treatments for MS.

  • United Spinal Association
    The United Spinal Association site provides programs, services and resources for those with spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Accessibility and Living with Disabilities

Family and Caregivers

  • Caregiver Action Network (CAN)

    The Caregiver Action Network provides peer support, education and resources for family caregivers. The Caregiver Community Action Network is a group of caregiver mentors active in more than 40 states, accessible through the CAN website.

  • Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)
    The Family Caregiver Alliance offers classes and webinars, in addition to advocacy work and resources. The FCA is also the home of the National Center on Caregiving and the Family Care Navigator, which locates support services by state.

  • Multiple Sclerosis Foundation: Support Groups
    The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has a searchable network of more than 100 MS support groups nationwide. The site also has information on starting a support group and training opportunities.

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Family Matters
    The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has resources for individuals with MS, their family members, their friends and their care partners The organization’s Family Matters section also has downloadable guides on children of parents with MS, hiring help at home and other topics for families.

  • Well-Spouse
    Well-Spouse provides peer support and education about the special challenges and unique issues facing "well" spouses every day.

Public Policy and Disability Rights

  • Americans with Disabilities Act
    This is the official government site for information and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Center for Disability Rights
    Focused on peer-to-peer support and independent living, this upstate New York based organization is typical of such groups across the United States. On a search engine, search for “disability rights center,” “council for disability rights” or “independence center” followed by the name of your state or city to find an advocacy group where you live.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The website of this government organization provides statistics on people living with disabilities.

  • Cornell University: Disability Statistics
    Cornell University provides a searchable compendium of statistics related to disability with easy to understand explanations of sources and calculations.

  • Society for Disability Studies
    This organization is devoted to research on the social and cultural, as well as political and medical, aspects of disability. Resources include an open-source academic journal.

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