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Where Soldiers Come From

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Encore Broadcast Date: September 6, 2012

PBS Premiere: November 10, 2011


From a snowy, small town in northern Michigan to the mountains of Afghanistan, Where Soldiers Come From follows the four-year journey of childhood friends who join the National Guard after graduating from high school. As it chronicles the young men’s transformation from restless teenagers to soldiers looking for roadside bombs to 23-year-old combat veterans trying to start their lives again, the film offers an intimate look at the young Americans who fight our wars, the families and towns they come from — and the way one faraway conflict changes everything. A co-production of Quincy Hill Films and ITVS in association with American Documentary | POV, with funds provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (90 minutes)

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TAGS: afghanistan, enlisting, michigan, national guard, soldiers, upper peninsula, war, youth

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Film Information

Where Soldiers Come From (90 min.)

Premiere Date: November 10, 2011

Encore Broadcast Date: Sept. 6, 2012

Streaming Dates: Expired

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Filmmaker: Heather Courtney Bio | Interview | Statement

Press: Press Release | Critical Acclaim | 2012 Encore Press Release | 2012 Emmy Winner Press Release

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Heather Courtney
Heather Courtney

Frustrated with how small-town America was often portrayed in the mainstream media, I wanted to tell a story about my rural hometown that countered those stereotypes.”

— Heather Courtney, Filmmaker


Film Update

Critical Acclaim

A quietly devastating documentary about growing up all too quickly.”

— Jeannette Catsoulis,
The New York Times

Hauntingly beautiful and deeply felt… some of the best Afghan war-related storytelling I've seen.”

— Hank Stuever,
The Washington Post

The last 10 years have produced an array of documentaries about post-9/11 America, but few are as haunting and compassionate as Heather Courtney’s ‘Where Soldiers Come.'”

— Matt Zoller Seitz,

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