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RULE 4: Treatment of PBS and CPB Funding

  1. PBS-provided Funding
    To communicate the importance of viewer support, all programs funded in whole or in part by PBS must be identified in audio as having been "Made possible by contributions to your PBS station from viewers like you. Thank you." In addition, "Viewers Like You" must be fonted on screen, then transition to a "Thank you" font on screen. Graphic elements may be obtained from PBS Technical Operations.

  2. CPB-provided Funding
    All programs funded in whole or in part by CPB must be identified in audio as having been "Made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting," and in video by animation that is available on request from PBS Technical Operations. The video consists of the CPB logo with the fonting: "A private corporation funded by the American people" and web address. With CPB's (and PBS's) approval in advance, producers may use alternative audio or video for the CPB funding credit, but it must include the language as indicated above.

  3. PBS/CPB Combined Animation
    PBS Technical Operations will also provide on request animation that combines the "Viewers Like You" and CPB credits. Note, however, that the two funding sources are independent, and it should not be assumed, as in the past, that both credits should always appear together.


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