Living with MyType2 

The Living with MyType2 site has been retired from


 Living with MyType2 launched on World Diabetes Day (November 14, 2009). A pilot project created to support teens, the site was an online resource for anyone living with diabetes.

There are more than 160 million people on the planet living with type 2 diabetes. Every year more teens join this group. Living with type 2 isn't easy. But with information, motivation, and support  you can handle it.

Watch the Living with MyType2 videos.
See real teens living with type 2 diabetes; learn tips from experts; and find questions, answers, and advice from a community that can relate.

You can continue the conversation about living with diabetes by connecting with organizations like American Diabetes Association, dLife, and TuDiabetes.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your stories with MyType2.

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