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PBS is committed to providing accurate and timely information to Americans throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Click here to see a lineup of special primetime programs, streaming content, online resources and educational materials that are currently available and regularly updated.

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What's in a Name?

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Same show, different title - Why?

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Live or Edited?

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When Live to Tape gets edited, who is best served?

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Mail (grab) Bag

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Brought to you by . . . and is ‘Martha Bakes” a good thing?

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Public Broadcasting in the News

PBS Kids and Its ‘Evergreen’ Mission of Accessibility and Representation

Forbes interviews Sara DeWitt, vice president of digital at PBS Kids, on its “evergreen mission of providing accessible, engaging content to young children.”

PBS Leads the Pack in Peabody Nominations

Of the 60 finalists selected by the Peabody Awards board of jurors, PBS programs received 12 nominations, more than any other organization.

McBride Writes About First Days as NPR’s New Public Editor

Kelly McBride relates dipping into the roiling waters of the news cycle for the first time as NPR’s public editor. “I romantically believe that now that I’m your new NPR Public Editor, listening to the news may get easier, because I have an even bigger investment in it than before,” she said. It wasn’t quite the case.

News Deserts

Do you live in a ‘news desert’? The University of North Carolina’s Hussman School of Journalism looks at the growing gaps in news coverage left by the closures of local newspapers around the country.

...more on 'News Deserts' and what PBS can do about them (older coverage) 

Against the growing phenomena of news deserts in the United States – areas where local news outlets have failed or have been gutted by the loss of ad revenue – PBS is being called upon to act. One suggested remedy is overhauling the way the Corporation for Public Broadcasting issues grants for public affairs programming, from a Washington, DC -based metric to spending decided by local news producers. ...