My father was light skinned, so the landlord didn't recognize that he was an African-American and when moving day came, when, I guess, the family went over to look at the house the day before moving day, neighbors informed him that Negroes were moving in. So, that on moving day the landlord had changed the locks on the house without telling anybody. The movers were out in front with the furniture and everything. So, Aunt Nell went to a pay phone and phoned my dad at work and he hopped on the streetcar and he said, make the movers stay right there. I'll be there in 15 minutes. So, he arrived and he walked up the front. My father was very strong, wasn't tall but he was very strong. First he put his shoulder to the door and then he put his foot to the door and he kicked the door open. And Ralph was standing there and then Ralph said, with great majesty, he said to the movers, "Come right in" and they did. And, of course my father had paid six months rent, so they stayed the full amount of the rent.

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