Q: What was Bunche's role in the creation of the UN's Atomic Energy Agency, and what role did you play in that project?

A: There were two things we had to do; one was a conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy which was in 1955, which was a huge exchange of previously declassified information. It was a fascinating conference, and politically very important. And Bunche was put on to organize that. And then we had to set up the International Atomic Energy Agency, which still exists in Vienna, which was going to be the permanent body on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy. And Bunche was also put in charge of that.

Q: What other roles did Bunche play at the UN?

A: When Hammarskjöld arrived, Hammarskjöld used him not only as a general political advisor and operator but also in the whole process of completely reorganizing the UN Secretariat, which was the first thing Hammarskjöld did. Bunche was one of the key people in this. So he became very important on the administrative and operational and management side as well. But what he was most recognized for was as a negotiator of conflict situations, and of course, later on, as the organizer of peace-keeping operations because he was the person that not only organized but ran all of them. And, incidentally, invented the techniques and the principles on which they were run, which we are still using very successfully today.

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