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J. Mitchell Johnson

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Steven Leibman
Nancy Marchant

Gábor Beszterczey

Production Manager
Mary Vaught Evans

Multimedia Tsar
Matt Walters

Audio Technician
J. Mitchell Johnson

Abamedia Production Assistants
Eva Williams Clark
Sarah Novak

Web Site Production Assistants
Martha Haile
Deborah Humbles
Lisa Jay
Philip Johnson
Julia "Juno" Pfeiffer
Sheri Throop

Gábor Beszterczey
Jonathan Sanders
Barbara Keys
George Feifer
Stephan Lang
Samuel Jerry Burns
Yuri Bukhshtab
Natalia Evteeva
Marina Votintseva
RED FILES Film (See Film Credits)
Russian State Documentary
Film & Photo Archive At Krasnogorsk
Russian State Archive For
Scientific And Technical Documentation
Legal Adviser
Mariem Harris

Special Thanks To:
Katie "Tiger" Royce
Lyn D The Magnificent
The Families Marchant & Clark
All-Nighter Extraordinaire Dan Riddle
Technical Wizard Susan Bell


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Roy Spence
Judy Trabulsi

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John Lee

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Jesus Felix

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David Cerequas

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Aimee Lindgren

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Dave Evans

For Digital Voodoo

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Jennifer Evans



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