RED FILES videoPersonal and political intrigue pack these dramas that take you behind the once forbidden Iron Curtain to expose generations of secrets. Go inside the KGB to examine some of the greatest espionage conspiracies ever witnessed in modern history. Western and Soviet agents speak out on the tales of such traitors as the Cohens and Rosenbergs and Kim Philby in Secret Victories of the KGB. Explore the brutal truth behind the star Soviet Athletes Olga Korbut, Anatoly Firsov and others and how they learned their own lesson in betrayal in Soviet Sports Wars. Step into the shoes of the man who launched the Soviet space program into orbit so the comrades could put the first satellite, dog and man in space inside Secret Soviet Moon Mission. Finally, in Soviet Propaganda Machine relive 70 years of communist and capitalist mind control. Truly a gripping and eye-opening look at the mysteries behind the Iron Curtain.

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