Billy and Miriam Gillespie, West Virginia PTV

Red Green's Duct Tape Forever!

The shooting of Red's first feature film has begun, and PBS supporters from across the country travelled to the set to be a part of this unique and memorable experience. Thanks to all of the PBS Supporters from the cast and crew of Duct Tape Forever! Here are some of the winners that made the trip:



Roger and Judy Halley, WKAR


Suzanne George, South Dakota Public Television
Joanna Larose, WDCQ
William Durham, KAWE
Gary and Tyra Proctor, WIPB
Kai and Jeff Brouchoud, WPT
Mark Matys, Nancy Schultz, WGBY

Russ and Laura Dyreng, KUED

Ron Paar and Della Cook, KBTC
Susan Sweeney, KUHT
Joshua Knight, KERA
Harold and Inez Baker, WCNY
Jeff Kolano,WXXI
AnnMarie Johnson, WPT
Joyce and Amanda Stein, WPTV
Eric Swanson, WQPT
Tammy and Old Man Simon, WBGU
Eric Johnson, WPT
Colette Bailey, WTVP
Dave Mueller, KQED