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Babes in Toyland
  The Mississippi: River of Song, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: SFW 40086, 1998

Mark Twangn, Flying Fish: 020. 1976

Nobody Knows What You Do, Flying Fish: 028. 1980

Catalogue, Flying Fish: 259. 1981

Gum Tree Canoe, Flying Fish: 289. 1984

Me Oh My, How the Time Does Fly-A John Hartford Anthology, Flying Fish: 440. 1987

Down On the River, Flying Fish: 514. 1989

Morning Bugle, Rounder: 0356. Rounder Records, Cambridge, 1995

Aereo-Plain, Rounder: 0366. Rounder Records, Cambridge, 1997

Wild Hog in the Red Brush, Rounder: 0392. Rounder Records, 1996


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