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David & Roselyn

The streets of New Orleans have been the training ground for many of the city's brightest talents, and they still present a free-form showcase of musical talent, from brass bands and a cappella groups to a virtuoso on the musical glasses. David and Roselyn have been singing on the streets of New Orleans for over 20 years, raising three children and sending them off to college with coins and bills thrown into David's guitar case by enthusiastic passersby.
       David and Roselyn met in the Air Force Band in 1959, and married shortly afterwards. They first came to New Orleans in 1963, as part of a voter registration drive, but did not relocate to the city until the 1970s. Ever since, though, they have been a regular sight on Royal Street, or a corner of Jackson Square. They are a striking pair: David with his high hat, flowing white hair, goatee and cascading moustache, plays guitar and harmonica, occasionally switching over to trumpet for an old jazz standard. Roselyn, with her dark, African features, long braids and wide hats, plays mandolin, guitar, and various sizes of African thumb piano, from the tinkling kalimba to the thumping rumba box.
       David and Roselyn have a vast repertoire, ranging from church songs to folk music, country hits, blues, jazz, and plenty of New Orleans r&b. They will even throw in oddities like a romping version of the Labelle disco hit, "Lady Marmalade." Whatever they play, their solid musicianship, Roselyn's huge voice, and the good-time feel of their performances are sure to draw a crowd.


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