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Film Credits

Bruce Reichert
Marcia Franklin
Jeff Tucker
Pat Metzler

Pat Metzler

Live Concert Director
Jeff Tucker

Concert Videographers
Al Hagenlock
Ricardo A. Ochoa
Pat Metzler
Jared Fairchild
Brad Carlson
John Ptacek
Dave Butler

Concert Lighting
Ricardo A Ochoa
Seth Ogilvie

Concert Set Design
Sandy Streiff
Jeff Tucker

Live Concert Sound
Steve Fulton
Pat Storey

Interview Producers
Marcia Franklin
Bruce Reichert

Interview Videographers
Dave Butler
Jay Krajic
Pat Metzler

Program Music Mix
Roma Baran
Vivian Stoll

Web Credits

Web Design
Stephanie Dickey
Rick Penticoff

Web Content
Bruce Reichert

Karen Svea Johnson
Anne Peterson

DVD Graphic Design
Lisa Sommer

Director of Communications
Sandy Streiff

Director of Broadcasting
Ron Pisaneschi

Special Thanks:
Rosalie Sorrels

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Rosalie Sorrels: Way Out in Idaho premieres May 19, 2007
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