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Do you have a question for a scientist featured in the latest episode of Frontiers?
Here's your chance to stand in Alan Alda's shoes. Click on a scientist's name below to read a brief bio and to e-mail your question. A selection of answers will be posted online.

Please e-mail your questions before December 5, 2000

Alvaro Pascual-Leone   Studies the brain's response to five days of blindfolding in "The Sight of Touch."
Fred Gage   Demonstrates that adult brains can grow new cells in "Grow Your Own Brain."
Henriette van Praag   Examines the affect of physical activity on the brain in "Grow Your Own Brain."
Robert Stickgold   Eavesdrops on Alan's brain while sleeping in "What's in a Dream?"
Daniel Schacter   Plays tricks on Alan's memory in "True or False?"
Gerry Edelman   Introduces Alan to Darwin the Robot in "Monastery of the Mind."
Jordan Grafman   Works with Michelle Mack, featured in "The Power of Half," who's living a full life with half a brain.








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