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Learning About Learning - Information on Neurogenesis
This site provides a wonderfully accessible discussion of Fred Gage's neurogenesis research and is written in accordance to the National Science Education Standards for public schools.

UniSci Article on Fred Gage:
"Sedentary Mice Grow Fewer New Brain Cells"

UniSci is an online daily news site about science. For more articles about Neural Plasticity visit, keyword: neural plasticity

Salk Institute News Release:
"Running Boosts Number of Brain Cells, According to New Salk Study"

The Salk Institute is home to Fred Gage's laboratory. For more information on the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience visit:

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Read a discussion with Terrence Seinowski, Fred Gage's colleague, about the memories of sedentary mice compared to mice who exercised freely on an exercise wheel. The site has regular updates about Gage's research and other research underway at the Salk Institute.

Science News Online
This is a Science News article from 03/13/99 about research on neuron growth and maintenance through learning and exercise.

Beyond the Millennium Brain Power
In this interview with Floyd Bloom, Chairman of the Department of Neuropharmacology at Scripps Research Institute in California, he discusses the future of brain function, maintenance, and neuron replacement.

Research on Cabbies Shows Brain's Right Hippocampus is Key for Navigation
An article about the research on London cabbies showing that the hippocampus grows as the drivers learn their way around the city.

How to Outwit the Cocky Cabbies
Learn how to stimulate your own brain cell growth- just like the cabbies in London.

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