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Neuroscience for Kids
This is a fantastic site for students and teachers who want to learn about the nervous system. Includes activities and experiments, and a sign up to receive the Neurosciences for Kids Newsletter.

The Wonders of the Mind
Read discussions about groundbreaking research with psychologists, neuroscientists, roboticists and psychiatrists. Fun interactive games too.

The Memory Exhibition
San Francisco’s Exploratorium memory exhibit on the web has interesting pictures, the anatomy of memory and plenty of interactive games.

Applied Cognition Studies From NASA
Use these exercises to test, and learn about, your own memory

The Facts About Memory
This Canadian Broadcasting Corporation feature from the television show “The National” includes great information about what memory is, how we lose it and whether it can be improved.

The Power of Human Memory
Daniel Schacter discusses memory with the University Magazine at California State University at Long Beach.

Daniel L Schacter’s Web page at Harvard University

Cognitive Neuroscience Society
Daniel Schacter is a founding member of this group. Read the CNS newsletter and link to other sites of interest.

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The Sight of Touch  
  Grow Your Own Brain  
  True or False?  
  What's in a Dream?  
  Monastery of the Mind  
  The Power of Half  

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