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Sleep Home Pages
Get the latest news on sleep research, join an open forum on numerous sleep discussion topics and consult the directory of the World Federation of Sleep Research Societies links.

Robert Stickgold’s Lab of Neurophysiology at Harvard Medical School
Read what Robert Stickgold has to say about sleeping and how it affects the brain.

Robert Stickgold’s Homepage
Stickgold gives his thoughts on thinking, and has great stories about everyday occurrences that make him pause for thought.

PBS Online News Hour: Dream World November 4, 1999
Read transcripts of a debate between Robert Stickgold and Robert Ryles, President of the American Psychoanalytic Association. Topics include: Freudian views of dreams and the future of dreams.

Association for the Study of Dreams
This non-profit, international organization is dedicated to creating a community for the exchange of ideas and information about dreams.

Dream FAQ
Read answers to frequently asked questions about dreams.

Dreams and Nightmares Laboratory
Participate in research by filling out a questionnaire, read information on dreaming and nightmares, and see spectral mapping of the brain during REM sleep.

Quantitative Study of Dreams
This site contains step by step information on how to study dreams and technical information about researchers’ work at University of California, Santa Cruz. A great resource for students and teachers doing projects or papers on dreams.

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  The Power of Half  

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