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Neurosciences Institute Homepage
Take a look at other research being done at NSI, find out about the Institute’s unique architecture and learn about the researchers working there.

Praise for Neural Edelmanism
A discussion of working experiments in theoretical Neuroscience.

Gerald Edelman’s Work
Some background on Edelman’s early work, before establishing the Neurosciences Institute.

Gerald M. Edelman’s Biography
Presented on the Nobel Laureate’s Site

Information on Edelman, His Work and Darwin the Computer

Review of Brilliant Air, Brilliant Fire
Edelman’s book about Neural Darwinism

The Rockefeller University’s lab of Biological Modeling
Read about the work of one of Edelman’s colleagues, Dr. George Reeke, who studies biological systems using computer models like the Darwin.

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The Sight of Touch  
  Grow Your Own Brain  
  True or False?  
  What's in a Dream?  
  Monastery of the Mind  
  The Power of Half  

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