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Dr. Jordan Grafman
To read more about Dr. Grafman’s research interests, visit his page at the National Institutes of Health. Or check out the NIH main page

Brain Injury Association Home page
This award-winning site is packed with information about brain injury prevention, rehabilitation and education.

Society for Neuroscience Homepage
Along with information on numerous brain diseases, this site lists links pertaining to brain disorders ranging from headaches to Huntington’s disease.

Traumatic Brain Injury Chat Room Web Site
A comprehensive list of resources concerning traumatic brain injury.

Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Find links to other research institutions, on-line discussions and professional publications.

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The Sight of Touch  
  Grow Your Own Brain  
  True or False?  
  What's in a Dream?  
  Monastery of the Mind  
  The Power of Half  

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The Sight of TouchGrow Your Own BrainTrue or False?What's in a Dream?Monastery of the MindThe Power of Half Teaching guide Science hotline Science hotline video trailer The Sight of Touch Grow your own brain True or False What's in a dream Monastery of the Mind The Power of Half Contact Search Homepage video trailer Science hotline Teaching guide Resources Profile: Robert Edelman The Knowledge Michelle Geller The brain game