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Teaching Guide
Understanding Braille
Increasing Brainpower
Nerve Cell Infomercials

Educator Notes

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Monitor the status of the tank water. Make sure that wastes and left over food do not accumulate in the water. Wastes can be removed with an aquarium siphon or pipette. If necessary, change the tank water after several days (this will depend on size of tank and fish).

Part 1 - Brain Game
1. 2, 4, 8
2. 16
3. 32

1. The number of routes doubles
2. Geometric Progression
3. 64

Part 2 -
Restructuring a Fish Brain

1. Five minutes of dark followed by feeding
2. The fish came to the surface when the box was removed.
3. Answers will vary, but the response should be established in one to two weeks.
4. They will require longer or shorter times to condition.

Part 3
- Designing a Method of Inquiry
1. Repeat Part 1, but use ten fish - five in a desolate tank, another five in an enriched tank.
2. Tank, water, five fish, food, cover
3. Same as above, plus enriched environment such as plants, toys, snails, bubbler
4. No - they already have a response.
5. The currents created by the bubbles would keep the fish actively swimming.

. . . . . . . .

 Patterns, Geometric Progression
 Statistical Analysis
 Biology/Life Science:
 Cell structure and function
 Anatomy & physiology;
 Tissues, organs, and systems  
 Brain science
 Sensory perception, memory, adaptation, conditioning
 Evolution, sensory perception

 Science As Inquiry/History And Nature Of Science 
 5-8, 9-12:
 Science as a Human Endeavor
 Nature of Science
 Science As Inquiry/Life Science
 Structure and Function in Living Systems;
 Diversity and Adaptations of Organisms.
 Behavior of organisms.



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