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Six Months on Mir: May 1998
NASA astronaut Jerry Linenger
shares details of his five-month experience aboard the Mir space station.

Amateur Scientist: Make Your Own Spherical Altitude Chamber
Learn how to run your own altitude experiments using vacuum science. Test the effects of altitude and pressure.

The Lactate Paradox
Read about a man who is lending himself to science to study muscle performance at altitude.

Making Money in Space
Learn how space programs are planning to open the skies up to space tourism in order to raise money.

A Taste of Weightlessness
A reporter's first-hand account of NASA's zero-G simulator, "Vomit Comet".

Weightlessness and the Human Body
The effects of space travel on the body resemble some of the conditions of aging. Learn more about the effects of weightlessness.

Acronym Finder
This site provides a searchable database of over 48,000 Acronyms. ACRONYM: A Contrived Reduction Of Nomenclature Yielding Mnemonics or Alphabetically Coded Reminder Of Names You Misremember.

A Real Dive
The U.S. Navy's experimental Diving Unit, NEDU, is used to test underwater diving equipment at various temperatures and pressures.

Alvin, the Deepest Diver of All
Learn more about the submersible that has carried over 10,000 people to depths as great as 4,000 meters.


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