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No Limit

International Association of Free Divers
If you are interested in learning to free dive, contact this organization for course information. Remember, this is a dangerous sport that should only be attempted under trained supervision.

NOAA Diving Program
Helpful resource from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Includes the history and physiology of diving, as well as equipment details and photos.

Deeper Blue
This online magazine provides travel information and equipment tips for both SCUBA and free diving enthusiasts.

SCUBA and Diving Physiology Home Page
Learn more about the dive reflex, gas laws and temperature effects on diving.

Video Cameras Reveal Marine Mammals Take a Laid-Back Approach to Deep Diving
Terrie Williams studies the diving response in marine mammals such as bottlenose dolphins and blue whales. Read more about her research in The The Deepest Divers.

Effect of Water Temperature on the Diving Reflex
Read about diving reflex research performed at Rhodes College in Tennessee.

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