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I Was a Spaceman

NASA Home Page
A wealth of information about the US Space program, past and present, with news articles, wonderful photos and a search engine for the "NASA Web."

Train With the Cosmonauts
The Yuri Gagarin Cosmosnaut Training Center site uses many photos to cover topics ranging from survival training to real-weightlessness.

NASA- International Space Station
Up-to-date information about the International Space Station project, including real-time date on the station's orbit and a virtual tour.
Space enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this entertaining and informative site.

Windows to the Universe
A wonderful web site about space and the universe produced by the University of Michigan. Also contains resources for educators.

Official NASA bio of Jerry Linenger
This site has a personal account of his time in space, titled "Letters to My Son."

Michiganian of the Year
Detroit News article about retired astronaut Jerry Linenger.

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Photo of Alan With Flashlight





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