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Feeling Pressured
Memory Matters
Getting the Minerals Out

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This activity has been created with minimal materials, thereby making it an ideal experience for the student to work on at home with family members. By extending this experience beyond the classroom, you use classroom time to pool results, discuss findings, develop inquiry, while exploiting an out-of-school interaction. However, if you wish to perform all parts in class, you should consider extending this beyond one class period to offer a reasonable amount of time to engage in rich inquiry.
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 Averaging, pattern recognition, probability
 Brain functions, memory, sensory input

 Brain functions, memory, sensory input

 Science As Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Understandings about scientific inquiry
 Unifying Concepts and Processes

 Evidence, models and explanation
 Order and organization

 Evidence, models and explanation
 Order and organization
 Life Science
 Structure and Function in Living Systems;
 Diversity and Adaptations of Organisms.


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