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Getting the Minerals Out

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To prepare this dilute hydrochloric acid solution, the teacher or lab technician should add 2 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid to 1000 ml of distilled water. Weak solutions of HCl are also available from commercial supply houses.



Review all safety procedures associated with handling and using potentially dangerous liquids within the classroom. Locate the eyewash and demonstrate its proper use prior to distributing these materials. Make sure that everyone wears safety goggles and an apron to protect against chemical splashes. Identify the location of the safety shower and review its proper use.

1. Hydrochloric acid and vinegar
2. Calcium and other bone minerals went into solution, leaving behind the spongy, protein tissue
3. They were both acids.
4. Water was used as a control liquid, since it has a neutral pH.

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 Space Science :
 Planets, gravity
 Enzymes, reactions, acids and bases

 Bone structure, proteins, minerals

 Pressure, strength of materials

 Science As Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Understandings about scientific inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Understandings about scientific inquiry
 Earth & Space Science

 Structure of the Earth System
Earth's History
 Earth in the Solar System

 Origin and Evolution of the Earth System
 Life Science
 Structure and Function in Living Systems;
 Diversity and Adaptations of Organisms.
 Matter Energy and Organization in Living Systems
 Physical Science
 Motions and Forces
 Structure of Properties in Matter
 Chemical Reactions
 Interactions of Energy and Matter


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