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Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers


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Do you have a question for a scientist featured in the latest episode of Frontiers?
Here's your chance to stand in Alan Alda's shoes. Click on a scientist's name below to read a brief bio and to e-mail your question. A selection of answers will be posted online.

Please e-mail your questions before January 2, 2000

Paul Hoffman and Dan Schrag   Uncover evidence that the Earth was once encrusted in ice in "Noah's Snowball."
Mary Marzke   Demonstrates how greater dexterity set us apart from our ancestors in "Handmade Humans."
Jordan Pollack   Introduces natural selection to the world of computers in "Robot Independence."
David Latham   Spots the shadow of a planet beyond our solar system in "Alien Worlds"
Daniel Dennett   Theorizes that all beings are composed of billions of tiny machines in "I, Robot"

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