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Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers


Links to Magazine Articles

Snowball Earth
Read the Scientific American article written by Paul Hoffman and Dan Schrag, the two scientists featured in Noah's Snowball.

The First Ice Age
Scientists in this article propose that life-giving oxygen was plentiful on our planet some 2.3 billion years ago, much earlier than previously thought, and was responsible for Earth's first ice age.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Science is finding that the universe abounds with the chemistry of life, as detailed in this article by the late Carl Sagan.

A Parade of New Planets
Many extrasolar planets are unlike any found in our solar system, prompting scientists to reconsider their notions of how celestial bodies are formed.

Giant Planets Orbiting Faraway Stars
Written by extrasolar planet discoverers Geoffrey W. Marcy and R. Paul Butler in 1998, this article details their search techniques, and the types of planets that have been found thus far.

Remembering Mary Leaky
Read about anthropologist Mary Leaky, discoverer of the Laetoli footprints, which are among the earliest evidence of our bipedal ancestors.

Old Fossils, New Connections
Recently discovered fossils are changing some theories about human evolution.

Face Off : Fossil Analysis
3-D imaging is being used by paleontologists to help solve fossil mysteries.

Right- and Left- Handedness
Why do some of us prefer to use our right hands and others our left?



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