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Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers



New Scientist Article About Snowball Earth
Further explanation of Paul Hoffman's and Dan Schrag's research, with related journal articles and graphics.

Snowball Earth and Why it is Not Likely to Happen Again
Learn why we may have worms and snails to thank for preventing Snowball Earth from happening again.

A Skeptics View of Snowball Earth
Read a U.C. Davis professor's reasons for skepticism, and his theory behind "Slushball Earth."

Popsicle Planet
This Science News online article uses helpful images and approachable language to describe Snowball Earth.

GCM simulations of Snowball Earth conditions during the late Proterozoic
Penn State researchers have attempted to recreate the conditions surrounding Snowball Earth. Read their results.

Geological Society of America
Information about geology and exciting field research projects. Highlights include links to online journals, information on critical geoscience issues, and career development.

Paul Hoffman's Home Page at Harvard
This page has many great illustrations and graphs to help explain the Snowball Earth Theory.



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