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Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers



Evolutionary Features of the Hand and Osteoarthritis
Is osteoarthritis an evolutionary byproduct of improved hand function? Take a look at the research by Alexandra de Sousa and Mary Marzke.

A Comparative Study of Distinctive Features in the Musculature of the Fifth Digit, and Unique Palmar Padding.
Alexandra de Sousa and Mary Marzke compare the sea otter forelimb morphology with other carnivores and with humans.

New Fossils May Be First Human Ancestors Out Of Africa
Read about 1.7 million year-old fossils found in the Republic of Georgia - the first human ancestral remains discovered outside of Africa to show clear signs of African descent.

Human Prehistory: An Exhibition
This site covers human history up to Neolithic Greece, 1500 BC, with images of fossils, pre-historic cave art and carvings.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
An excellent resource for web links about human evolution. Established by Professor Jeanne Sept of the University of Indiana. Includes teaching resources.

Anatomy Home Page
View animated hand x-rays, along with diagrams of bones, nerves and muscles. Part of the Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery.

Hand Transplant Home Page
Meet Matthew Scott; recipient of the first U.S. hand transplant. Read about the procedure, the doctors who performed this extraordinary operation and see video footage of Scott's recovery.

The Long Foreground: Human Pre-History
This handy overview of primate evolution is part of Washington State University's General Education program.

The International Hand Library
This non-profit organization serves as a source for all scientific, medical and general information related to the hand. e.

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