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Alan Alda in Scientific American Frontiers


Robot Independence

Jordan Pollack's Home Page

DEMO - Dynamical & Evolutionary Machine Organization
Directed by Jordan Pollack at Brandeis University, DEMO offers information about robotics, co-evolution, neural networks and games.

American Association for Artificial Intelligence
AAAI is a non-profit group devoted to the scientific understanding of intelligent behavior and its relationship to machines.

ThinkQuest Artificial Intelligence Page
Interesting articles about the history of artificial intelligence, the methods used to create it, and the experts in this field.

Artificial Intelligence in Games
If you design computer games or you enjoy playing them, take a look at this site about the role of AI in games.

AI Explained
Clear definitions about artificial intelligence and its branches and applications. Also covers the difference between a human and computer intelligence.

Dr. Webowitz The First Online Shrink
How would you like a computer for a therapist? Judge for yourself at this highly interactive site.

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  Robot Independence  
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  I, Robot  

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