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photo of Alan and Dan Dennett
  Alan ponders life's big questions with philosopher Dan Dennett

As a Professor and Philosopher at Tufts University, Dr. Daniel C. Dennett ponders life's really big questions for a living. In this profile, Alan Alda sits down with the distinguished academic to discuss some of the issues that might keep some of us awake at night.

The human mind, consciousness and evolution are topics that particularly intrigue Dennett, who often collaborates with scientists who research these fields.

How can human consciousness spring from the billion separate neurons that make up the brain? Does the theory of natural selection undermine spirituality? Though Dennett’s detractors claim his ideas rob us of our "higher purpose", Dennett says a strictly scientific view of the world is actually life- affirming.

As Dennett tells Alan, “the truth is much more fascinating and much more awe-inspiring.”


For more on this topic, see the web feature:
Profile: Dan Dennett

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