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Hands On, Minds On
Planetary Problem Solving
Self Propelled Learning

Be prepared. This activity can get messy. You will need to caution the students about accidentally ingesting the paint or splashing it into their eyes. You will also need to remind them to use only a small dab of paint and apply it solely to the region of most likely contact.

Part 1 - Inferring Structure
Tendons and Ligaments

3. Ligaments form bands of tissue that wrap joints, keeping the bones together. Tendons are bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones.
4. Tendon
5. Without bulky muscles, the hands remain small and agile in ability. The powerful hand muscles are located within the muscle bulk of the lower arm.

Part 2 - Distinguishing Grasps
2. The strength of the grip, the dexterity of movement, possible uses for object held.
. Inked contact on the thumb and the pinky.
4. Number of fingers involved, extent of finger contact, extent and shape of palm contact, the extent of opposable thumb and pinky usage.


 Life science:
 Tissues, organs and systems, anatomy, adaptation, evolution
 Physical Science:
 Mechanics, motion
General Science:
 Observation, inference, classification


 Science As Inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Understandings about scientific inquiry
Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Understandings about scientific inquiry
History and Nature of Science
 Science as a human endeavor
 Nature of science
 Life Science:

 Structure and function in living systems

Diversity and adaptations of organisms

 Behavior of organisms
 Biological evolution

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