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Exploring Vessel Physics
Mirrored Movements
A Healthy Diet

Mending a broken heart

1) How and when did doctors discover Zachary's heart troubles?


2) What procedure did you see the surgeon's perform on nine-year-old Josh's heart?

a) inserting the Gortex tube
b) creating the hole (or fenestration)
c) inserting the umbrella-like plug

Robot Heart Surgeon

3) Why was the military interested in remote surgery?



4) What is the main advantage of Michler and Wolf's robotic surgery for civilians?

a) it's faster
b) it requires a smaller incision
c) it's more accurate

How's Your Heart?

5) What was being measured by the inflatable "cuff" wrapped around Alan's arm?


Why is it important?


6) Which of Alan's blood vessels was shown by the MRI to be free from deposits?

a) Coronary artery
b) aorta
c) pulmonary vein

The Heart Factory

7) Name four advantages of the ABIOMED mechanical heart over the Jarvik 7 artificial heart Barney Clark received in 1982.

1) _________________________________________________

2) _________________________________________________

3) _________________________________________________

4) _________________________________________________

8) True or False?

a)ABIOMED hearts are currently being tested in pigs.
b)ABIOMED researchers can monitor the artificial hearts via the Internet.


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