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Equal Opportunity

Gotcsik, Schurga and Roeder all quickly point out that the ImprovAsylum is as female friendly as it gets.

"It's really nice here," says Gotcsik. "I never feel like 'the woman' on stage."

The performers, men and women alike, agree that perceptions about female comics are changing as increasing numbers take the stage and captivate audiences. ImprovAsylum co-founder Norm Laviolette notes that, until recently, mixed-gender comedy groups were virtually non-existent. Think of "Monty Python" or "Kids in the Hal"l in which female roles were played almost exclusively by men in drag. Now, shows like "Absolutely Fabulous" are putting a feminine face on comedy.

Photo of baby

As for the ImprovAsylum's patrons, men and women audience members obviously enjoy and participate in the show equally.

"On a commercial level, the audience is at least 50 percent women," says Laviolette.

So, when asked for audience input, who shouts out the more inappropriate suggestions?

"As for the quality of the suggestions," says Harding, "we're an equal opportunity asinine audience."
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