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Laugh and the World Laughs with You
A review of Robert Provine's novel, "Laughter: A Scientific Investigation."

More Than the Best Medicine
An overview of research conducted at Vanderbilt University on laughter and gender

Why Do We Sneeze?
Details on the science behind sneezes, from Ask the Experts.

Improving HIV Therapy
Protease inhibitors are not only effective in fighting the common cold. Read more here on their role in combating HIV.

Pepper Question
An Ask the Experts answer to why eating spicy food causes similar reactions in the body as actual physical heat.

Why Does Sand Form "Waves" on the Beach?
This "little question" about sand was addressed in Ask the Experts.

Explaining Shaking Grains
Researchers draw an analogy between shaking grains and the century-old kinetic theory of gases. As Sid Nagel reminded Alan Alda, understanding such movements helps physicists model the mixing of materials like pharmaceuticals.

Tectonics in a Sandbox
By building a room-sized model, scientists learn more about the effects of sediment shifts and water flow on the Earth's surface.


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