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Teaching Guide
Educator Notes
Growing Prairie
Indentifying Species
Follow Your Nose



  1. Why was it important to sniff the cards in numerical order? (in order to construct the upstream path, you needed to have the left/right choices presented in order. Otherwise, even though you detected the correct turn direction, you wouldn't know where each turn occurred)
  2. Why were compass directions critical to constructing the map of the migration? (you needed to know exactly which direction to turn)
  3. In order to create a more accurate map, what piece of information was needed for each "leg" of the upstream journey? (the length of that part of the river journey)
  4. How can this classroom experience be applied to the migration of the salmon? (Answers will vary)



 Biology/ Life Science:
 Animal Behavior and Communication, Senses
 Compasses, Navigation

 Science As Inquiry-Content Standard A
 Students should develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Students should develop an understanding about scientific inquiry
 Life Science -Content Standard C
 Students should develop an understanding of structure and function in living systems
 Students should develop an understanding of populations and ecosystems
 Students should develop an understanding of diversity and adaptations in organisms

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