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Teaching Guide
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Growing Prairie
Indentifying Species
Follow Your Nose

Prairie Comeback

1) What has been attached to each bison at the Nature Conservancy?





2) What happens to prairie plants after a fire?

a) They are stimulated to grow.
b) They are killed.
c) They are unable to grow as high in the future.

Life in Dogtown

3) What do ferrets depend on for food and shelter?



4) How did biologists improve the captive-bred ferrets' chances of survival?

a) feeding them better food
b) tracking them with radio collars
c) training them in a realistic environment

Raven's World

5) Define "biodiversity."



6) About how many insect species are there in the world?

a) 10 million
b) 20 million
c) 100 thousand
d) 1 billion

Flight into the Unknown

7) Why do the white storks migrating from Germany stop in Sharm el Sheik?



8) Name two possible reasons for the decline of the stork population.




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