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Born Again Nerves

1) Stem cells are
a) cells taken from flowers
b) young, undifferentiated cells
c) cells that branch off from other cells
d) cells that insulate the spinal cord

2) How are peripheral nerves, found in the arms and legs, different from those found in the spinal cord?

I Might Walk!

3) Why does Christopher Reeve exercise two to three hours a day?
a) to pass the time
b) to lose weight
c) prevent bone loss and muscle atrophy

4) Christopher Reeves's neck injury left him without the use of his arms and his legs. What is this condition called?

Moving Memories

5) Intensive exercise had what affect on Dr. Calancie's spinal cord injury patient?

6) What might the response of Calancie's patient to exercise imply?
a) The spine itself can "remember" how to walk.
b) Exercise prevents spinal cord injuries.
c) Treadmill work disrupts sleep.
d) Treadmill work is not healthy for spinal cord patients.


Nerves of Steel

7) FES allows Jen Penko to do what?
a) move her hand
b) walk
c) drive
d) stand

8) Name at least two benefits Jen Penko derives from her FES?

Mind Over Matter

9) What did Andrew Junker use to steer his sailboat?

10) Who else might benefit from such technology?



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