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Teaching Guide
Understanding Travel Routes
Speaking Chimp
Representing Social Networks

1) Jane Goodall was the first scientist to document chimpanzees doing what?
a) using tools
b) hunting
c) waging war
d) all of the above

2) The family lines of chimpanzees and human diverged approximately how long ago?



3) The rain dance by male chimps, hand-clasp grooming and chimps' cracking coula nuts with rocks or logs are examples of what?



4) What can nine-year old Grub do that four-year old Noelle cannot?
a) learn by watching others
b) generalize a concept
c) play the symbols
d) hammer a nail

5) How will adult chimps teach the adolescents to share food?




6) Frans de Waal speculates that this behavior in chimps parallels what in humans?



7) The experiments with animate and inanimate objects show what about the chimpanzees?
a) they can tell the difference between left and right
b) they can tell the difference between a log and a hammer.
c) they possess a concept of the way different objects should be treated.
d) older chimps prefer living things to inanimate objects.

8) In the soda can experiment, Sheeba the chimp understood that the model room represented the big room. How old do humans have to be before they are capable of the same type of abstract thinking?
a) humans are born with this ability
b) 1 year old
c) 2 years old
d) three years old.

9) Roughly one million chimps lived in Africa one hundred years ago. How many wild chimps live there today?
a) About two million
b) About 150,000
c) About 15,000
d) none

10) Name one of the ways Karl Amman was able to document the illegal bushmeat trade.




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