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Do you have a question for a scientist featured in the latest episode of Frontiers? Here's your chance to stand in Alan Alda's shoes. Click on a scientist's name below to read a brief bio and to e-mail your question. A selection of answers will be posted online.

Please e-mail your questions before April 24, 2001

Paul MacCready   Celebrated inventor and father of human-powered flight, featured in "Is It a Bird?"
Bob Curtin   Sends a giant solar-powered wing high above commercial air traffic in "The Eternal Wing"
Carlos Miralles   Shows Alan Alda his Mars-ready foldable flyer in "Eyes in the Sky"
Jim Marden   Clips stonefly wings to study the evolution of flight in "Taking to the Air"
Tyler MacCready   Teaches Alan to fly his unique personal flyer in "Walkalong Glider"

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