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Winging It
Make a Wind Tunnel
On the Wings of Insects



  1. What did the strut do? (It provided a track that the wing could slide up and down on.)
  2. How does bending the trailing edge upwards affect the lift characteristics? Explain. (The air is deflected upwards, which causes a downwards force on the wing, pushing it down.)
  3. How does bending the trailing edge downwards affect the lift characteristics? Explain. (Exactly the opposite effects to ques. 2)

 Motions and Forces, Bernoulli's Principle

 Science As Inquiry-Content Standard A
 Students should develop abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry,
 Students should develop an understanding about scientific inquiry
 Physical Science -Content Standard B
 Students should develop an understanding of motions and forces
Science and Technology -Content Standard E
 Student should develop abilities of technological design

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