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Teaching Guide
Winging It
Make a Wind Tunnel
On the Wings of Insects

Is it a Bird?

1) In order to make his glider turn, the designer of the Bird Glider mimicked which feature found on a real soaring bird?
a) the long beak
b) the three-foot wing span
c) the feathers at the wing tip
d) the hollow bones

2) What was historic about Paul MacCready's invention, the Gossamer Condor?



The Eternal Wing

3) To keep the 100-foot Pathfinder flying, its solar cells must collect the same amount of energy as needed by
a) a 747 jet.
b) a battery-operated toy.
c) two automobiles.
d) four hairdryers.

4) Soaring at 65,000 feet, what might the 250-foot flying wing, Helios, eventually be used for?





Eyes in the Sky

5) Why is the Pointer such a useful surveillance plane for the US Military?
a) It can be launched almost anywhere.
b) It can use an infrared camera to see troop movements at night.
c) It can cruise quietly enough to avoid being noticed.
d) All of the above

6) The Mars glider must be able to fly in an atmosphere much like the air at what altitude here on Earth?
a) 100 feet
b) 10,000 feet
c) 100,000 feet
d) 1,000,000 feet

Taking to the Air

7) Why do male and female dragonflies often fly in tandem pairs after they mate?



8) What biological feature do scientists like Jim Marden believe were the evolutionary precursor to wings?
a) antennae
b) gills
c) arms
d) legs

Flapping Flyers

9) What is the biggest design challenge facing engineers of small, controllable flapping flyers?



Walkalong Glider

10) Where does Alan need to place his hands (or his head) in order to keep the Walkalong Glider aloft? Why?




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