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Teaching Guide
Counting Calories
The Anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin C
Testing for Simple Sugars
Counting Calories

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Dr. Empathy

1. Name two ways exercise helps people lose weight.



2. According to Dr. Blackburn, dieters should aim to lose a maximum of how much weight per month?

a) 1 Pound
b) 4 Pounds
c) 7 Pounds
d) 10 Pounds

Obesity Begins at Home

3. Why do five-year-olds eat more than three-year-olds, according to Leann Birch?

a) They are hungrier
b) They are bigger and need more food
c) They have learned to clean their plates
d) They are greedier

4) Why does Leann Birch think Elizabeth ignores the tray of junk food while Morgan digs in?



Couch Potato Kids

5) According to Len Epstein's study, how can TV watching cause weight gain?

a) by increasing eating
b) by decreasing physical activity
c) both (a) and (b)
d) none of the above

6) What happened when kids decreased the amount of time they spent in front of the TV or the computer?


Eat Less-- Live Longer

7) What happens to lab mice fed half the calories of normal mice?

a) they lived up to twice as long
b) their blood pressure dropped
c) their cholesterol level dropped
d) all of the above


8) Where did Dr. Walford first study restricted-calorie diets in humans?



The Desert's Perfect Foods

9) How are the Arizona Pima and Tohono O'Odham different from their Mexican relatives?



10) Which of the following foods was NOT part of the Tohono O'Odham's traditional diet?

a) tepary beans
b) potatos
c) prickly pear
d) cholla cactus buds



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