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 Energy, Transformations of Energy, Electrical Circuits
 Ball and Stick Modeling of Molecules, Classification of Matter

 Science as Inquiry- Content Standard A
 Students will learn to think critically and logically, to make relationships between  evidence and explanations 
 Students will learn to make relationships between evidence and explanations 
 Students will learn develop descriptions, explanations, predictions and models using  evidence and to communicate scientific proceedures and explanations
 Physical Science - Content Standard B
 Students will gain an understanding of electrical circuits and their function of  providing a means of transferring electrical energy when heat, light, sound and  chemical changes are produced. ,
 Students will further their knowledge of properties of matter by recognizing that  substances are often placed in categories or groups if they react in similar ways.
  Science and Technology in Society- Content Standard F
 Students will gain an understanding that technology influences society through its  products and processes.
 Students will gain an understanding that technology influences the quality of life and  the ways people act and interact
 Students will gain an understanding that technological changes are often acompanied  by social, political and economic changes that can be  beneficial or detrimental to  individuals and to society. Social needs, attitudes, and values influence the direction  of technological development



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