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The Dog Nose Knows
1. How does the artificial "nose" detect odors?


How sensitive to odor is the artificial nose compared to a real dog's nose?

a) The machine is ten times better than the dog.
b) The dog is ten times better than the machine.
c) The dog and the machine are them same.
d) None of the above.

Virtual Dog Training
  3. How does Gary Wilkes signal to his dog Tug that he has behaved correctly?

a) Gary pets Tug on the head.
b) Gary exclaims "Good Dog!".
c) Gary uses a clicker.
d) Gary blows a whistle.

What does Bruce Blumberg use to interact with his dog Sydney while Bruce is at work all day?

Entertaining Parrots
  5. Alex the African Grey Parrot can tell

a) the color of an object
b) the size of an object
c) what an object is made out of
d) all of the above

What is Irene Pepperberg developing to keep pet parrots occupied during the day?
The Bite Stuff

True or False: Dogs display "handedness," favoring either their right or left sides?

The "new and improved" kibble seen in this show cleans dogs' teeth by

a) breaking into tiny bits as soon as it's chewed.
b) staying together as the tooth sinks into it, wiping the tooth clean.
c) using bacteria-killers to attack plaque and eliminate bad breath.
d) none of the above.

NOTE: Quizzes with 100% correct answers can be entered by teachers only into our T-shirt drawing. FRONTIERS randomly selects 20 names after each program. Send all correct quizzes in one envelope, along with teacher's name, grade and course, school name and address, where the students watched the show (home or school), and the students' favorite segment. Mail to: FRONTIERS Quiz, Chedd-Angier Production Company, 70 Coolidge Hill Rd., Watertown, MA 02472.

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