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Do you have a question for a scientist featured in the latest episode of FRONTIERS? Here's your chance to stand in Alan Alda's shoes. Click on a scientist's name below to read a brief bio and to e-mail your question. A selection of answers will be posted online.

Please e-mail your questions before November 6, 2001

Eric S. Lander   Recites from the book of the Human Genome in "Gene Reader."
Nancy Hopkins   Seeks the genes that make a human in "Fishing for Baby Genes."
Tim Tully   Looks for memory boosting genes in "A Gene You Won't Forget."
Cynthia Kenyon   Uses worms to unlock the secret of longevity in "Genes for Youth."
Jeffrey Isner  

Scientific American FRONTIERS is sad to report the death of Dr. Jeffrey Isner.
More on his life's work


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