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A Passion for DNA


What did James Watson and his colleague Francis Crick discover?

a) the DNA molecule
b) the size of the DNA molecule
c) the shape of the DNA molecule
d) the shape of human chromosomes



Why was Watson and Crick's discovery so important?



Gene Reader

How many letters are there in the human genome?

a) 3
b) 3 million
c) 3 billion
d) 3 trillion


How much difference is there between any two humans' genomes?

a) none
b) %10 difference
c) 100% difference
d) 0.1% difference.

Fishing for Baby Genes

What does Nancy Hopkins hope to learn from Zebra fish?




How many genes does Hopkins think she's looking for?

a) 30,000
b) 2400
c) 16
d) 1

A Gene You Won't Forget

What skill does Tim Tully enhance genetically in fruit flies?

a) sense of smell
b) ability to detect electric shocks
c) memory
d) ability to see red.

Genes for Youth

What is special about Cynthia Kenyon's mutant strain of worms?

a) they live twice as long as normal
b) they are twice as big as normal
c) they reproduce twice as fast as normal
d) they move twice as fast as normal


What is one of the two ways Kenyon found to regulate the aging process in worms?



Bypass Genes on Trial

What does Jeffrey Inser hope the genes he inserts in his patients will do?

a) stop the growth of cancer cells
b) stimulate the growth of a new heart
c) act as a placebo
d) stimulate the growth of new blood vessels


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